The Opportunity


The global space economy is valued at over $446.9 Billion and growing every year. Space has become commercialized and we want to help you make the most of it. From compliance and rideshare to economic opportunities, we're here to help open the New Space Economy to you. 

Fractional Ownership of Space Assets

Space News

LunarSuite is now in Alpha Testing!!

The LunarSuite provides accountability, security, and efficiency by using innovative technology to streamline operations. Two major challenges to launch objects into space is time and money. The LunarSuite reduces both. It's an entire business suite of tools to launch objects into space.


What We Do


Lunargistics provides a proprietary SaaS solution to space entrepreneurs and government entities to facilitate successful space missions specializing in compliance, funding, launch services, and fractional ownership of space assets.  We create custom blockchain solutions for your company. 


Lunargistics News

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