Comprised of some of the brightest innovative minds in tech, and and led by a decorated, retired war Veteran, Lunargistics uses the diverse, collective experience of its team to deliver on time. Every time. 

Logan Ryan Golema

Chairman of the Board


Logan Ryan Golema is a forward-thinking innovator that provides digital solutions for platforms operating on the cutting edge of Blockchain technology. Golema is Owner and CTO at Lunargistics Corp. and the founder of The Interplanetary Fund Management Group. He leads three highly talented teams of developers and designers in delivering high performance applications to the forefront of the blockchain industry.

A born and dedicated Leader, Dionna Bailey served in the Army as a Senior Leader through four combat tours earning a Bronze Star in Iraq. After retiring, she worked for a blockchain/space company on the executive team taking it from a start-up to a $500 Million valuation.  As a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, she participated in a working group that served as advisors for the United States Congressional Blockchain Caucus.  

SFC(R) Dionna Bailey



Vishal Singh

Chief Scientist


Vishal Singh holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies and a Thermal Design Engineer at the IGOSat Project at Paris Diderot University. He has written several research papers about the Lunar Dust accumulation analyzer, Fuel Comparison of Electrostatic Ion Thruster, Lunar Ice Location Exploration, Water and Mineral Exploration using available technology on the moon, and Comprehensive research to design rocket nose cone for Leo Satellites. He’s worked with Team Callisto who won the Lab2Moon competition.

An extremely talented and experienced programmer, John May has won numerous hack-athons with his quick thinking and outside of the box approach. He's designed and implemented blockchain agnostic technology tailored specifically to meet the needs of the client.

John May

VP Digital Innovations

and DLT


Anastasiya S.

VP of Marketing


Anastasiya has been involved in the blockchain/DLT industry since 2016, specializing in self-custody Bitcoin security. With a graduate degree from Drexel University in International Business, Economics and English, she has diverse skills in content creation, customer service, education, social media management, community building, tech support and business development for startups like Ubitquity,, Nexus Kids charity, Exodus Wallet and


Bianca Ceffalo

Artemis Adviser (UK)


Steve Wood

Space Law Adviser


Dr. Veronica Moronese

Artemis Adviser (ITL)