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Meet Lunargistics: Logan Ryan Golema

Logan Ryan Golema is the co-founder and CTO of Lunargistics Corp. Logan has been building digital solutions on the cutting-edge of distributed ledger technology for years and leads three highly talented teams of developers and designers. At Lunargistics, he is building out the LunarSuite that will simplify the compliance and funding components of the space launch process. He’s been involved in the space industry since he was a little boy when he and his father used to set up cameras to take long exposure shots of the sky. In 2019 his passion led him to combine space with distributed blockchain systems and announce Lunargistics at the Futurist Conference in Toronto.

What do you love about space and the space industry the most?

LRG: Endless possibilities and an ever-expanding narrative. Communication has never had to be so distant, and it will be interesting to see how we as a species cope with a divide so great and yet so pivotal to the continued existence of our people.

What do you think are the industry’s biggest challenges to make space accessible to everyone?

LRG: Truly, funding. There's only so much capital to go around in certain cycles and every so often we'll get feats of greatness due to market trends actualizing the funds necessary to make these treks, and that's the people that know how to tap into it.

Space for everyone only comes when it's so commonplace to go to space you might as well be boarding an American flight or sending a package through the mail. Until then, the costs need to come down to accommodate those that flinch at a 6 figure price tag for a “carnival ride”.

Why do you believe in the Lunargistics mission to serve as compliance support, mission guidance, and launch integration for the new space economy?

LRG: It took me a while to see the sheer force of what distributed systems were made for and how to harness them for the organized good of the people. To benevolently bestow access and responsibility to the client through a series of NFTs while guiding them through a process that will save them time, money and headaches is my mission. I believe in my team working with me to see it through and build towards the moon.

Is it possible to set a particular minimum standard for access to space?

LRG: Going to space is difficult. And if you take it as a joke you could lose your life or the lives of others. Licensed professionals with a purpose should drive the space industry forward. Even a small mistake is a major setback, but lives at risk or worse can mean stronger regulations as a result.

What regulations are needed to preserve national security while supporting space privatization?

LRG: Probably more around asset management and control of commodities found in space. I have a feeling that as soon as it will be very easy and possible to go and mine, there will be conflict.

Is there a need for a stronger space accord to avoid an international space war or is it inevitable?

LRG: Humans will probably always desire more, and there may be a show of force, but as the theater plays out, collaborative yet competitive allies will push each other to the limits of the system. This is why I started the Empowering PEACE Foundation to ensure morality is upheld in space.

Where do you see the private space sector 10 years from now?

LRG: I foresee daily launches for various missions from spaceports. A positive public opinion on space flight as a means to the betterment of our planet. Debris management will continue to be a leading trend while futures markets will start to find their legs as contracts are opened and ETFs pour into the next gold rush.

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