The LunarSuite Is In Alpha Testing!!

We recognize the struggles in the Space Industry as well as the opportunities that the commercialization of space can bring. The LunarSuite is an all in one set of business tools designed to streamline the launch process. This platform is intended to ease frustrations, bring companies funding opportunities, and open new streams of revenue to space supporters. Some of the amazing features include:

· Streamlined Launch Compliance

· Digitized/ Standardized Forms

· Ability to Raise Funds via Crowdfunding

· Fractional Ownership of Space Assets

· Efficiently Maintain Records

· Find a Launch Provider for Your Object

· Bid on Object if You're a Launch Provider

· Membership Can Be Sold After Purchase

DON'T MISS OUT! Just click the picture above to sign up for our Beta release and let Lunargistics help improve the success of your mission.

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