Lunargistics Strategy Week

Last week, the Lunargistics team got together in Houston to discuss strategy and iron out the MVP LunarSuite that is designed to guide space entrepreneurs through the compliance and funding portion of the space launch process. CEO Dionna Bailey, Chairman of the Board and acting CTO Logan Ryan Golema, and Chief Scientist Vishal Singh led the series of meetings, focusing on the many moving parts that Lunargistics’ clients, customers, and partners need.

Dionna Bailey is a retired Army Veteran who served through four combat tours, earning a Bronze Star in Iraq. After retiring, she worked for a blockchain/space company on the executive team taking it from a start-up to a $500 Million valuation. Logan Ryan Golema is the company’s forward-thinking innovator who is leading three teams of developers and designers in delivering high-performance applications to the forefront of the blockchain industry. Vishal Singh holds degrees in Aerospace and Thermal Design Engineering and has worked on multiple projects that have launched objects into space. He has also written several research papers ranging from topics like Lunar dust accumulation analyzer to rocket nose cone design for LEO satellites. Vishal joined the strategy meetings via Zoom from India.

Lunargistics serves as compliance support, mission guidance, and launch integration for the U.S. space industry. It provides customized SaaS solutions to space entrepreneurs and government entities to facilitate successful space missions specializing in compliance, funding, and launch services. The LunarSuite adds accountability, security, and efficiency by using innovative technology to streamline operations.

During the week, the team focused on the roadmap for LunarSuite features to outline what Launch Providers, Payload Providers, and Government agencies need for a successful launch. Safety and sustainability were at the forefront. There are plans to test the platform throughout the end of the year.

At the end of the week, the team had some fun completing an escape room and visited the Houston Space Center for a little inspiration. They’ll be setting up meetings with astronauts and sitting in on NASA’s mission debriefing sessions throughout the year.

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