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Lunargistics Joins The SporkDAO ahead of EthDenver 2022

In an attempt to seem hip and cool the admins here at Lunargistics decided to pick up a Bufficorn, but not just any Bufficorn a floor one. Seriously the least expensive one available. It just so happened this was a perfect fit for our Space & New Frontiers Track as this Bufficorn is on what looks like our logo, a moon or maybe an asteroid of some kind? Seemingly this Bufficorn can breathe in space because its part cyborg, and hopefully its fur will keep it warm out there.....

...But Seriously...

All in all we're VERY excited to be back in Denver where Space meets Blockchain and Builders Buidl. Our Founder @loganryangolema has been participating since the first event years ago and has built a relationship with all the hard workers and admins of the event. Make sure to check out his Track Line Up to understand whats at stake when building for Space this year and check out for options when building on our SDK for those sweet sweet prizes.

Lunargistics is built by developers for scientists.

Lunargistics is HIRING strong willed and benevolent developers who want to save Rocket Scientists time and money. Whether you are a web2 or web3 dev doesn't matter. Make your approach to if you're interested in working on the future of Space with us!

Be ahead of the curve.

Just interested in what we have coming up? Feel free to sign up for our email lists to get blog posts like these discussing what we have coming up and what's launched!

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