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Lunargistics CEO Dionna Bailey Speaking At IAFCI On Tuesday

Dionna Bailey, Lunargistic’s CEO, will be sharing her expertise on a panel at IAFCI on August 31 in Chicago. IAFCI is an Annual Training Conference & Exhibitor Show focusing on “today’s financial industry of fraud”. It offers 60 training sessions to present preventative methods, trends, schemes, and investigative tools to navigate the evolution of financial services.

Ms. Bailey will be joined by Jessica-Mila Shutzman (Head of Regulatory Relations, Electric Coin Co.) and Ryan Taylor (CEO, Dash Core Group, Inc.) with moderator Daniel Spuller (Director of Industry Affairs, Blockchain Association) to discuss the Benefits and Challenges to Cryptocurrency Regulators and Law Enforcement.

It always takes time for regulations to catch up to technology and the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is no exception. Yet in recent years federal regulatory and law enforcement agencies began to voice concerns about cryptocurrencies and their risk. The panel will focus on how public blockchains can actually aid law enforcement through tracking tools and analytics as well as touch on the challenges of using this technology.

Ms. Bailey has 18 years of experience in the military and extensive knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. She is an expert in government contracts and international relations. As a Senior Leader, she’s been the project lead on multi-million-dollar projects in foreign countries to include building brand new hospitals from conception to fully operational. She joined the blockchain industry in 2017 and was exposed to the regulatory process of bridging blockchain to the US Dollar. She went on to be the VP of Business Development for GoCoin, a third party blockchain payment processor specializing in turnkey merchant solutions. Currently, she serves on the Texas Blockchain Council assisting in writing Texas Blockchain Legislation.

Don’t miss this amazing event and the opportunity to learn more about the changes happening in the financial sector!

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