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Join the LunarSociety

The Year is 2019....

....and the SpaceIL Lunar Lander crashes on the surface of the moon leaving the only the "LunarLibrary". This dvd sized data set containing millions of pages of information backing up the human civilization. The library also contained another civilization, one that has survived all five mass extinctions on our planet and possibly even longer....

The Tardigrade

Tardigrades are strong, resilient, and some of the simplest life forms known to humankind. Their ability to withstand harsh environments is what allowed the LunarLibrary to survive the crash in the first place.

You'll be able to enjoy these characteristics by picking up a Tardigrade here.

Enjoying the LunarSociety

Within the LunarSociety you can rest assured you'll be in the know of everything we have going on first and foremost, enjoy giveaways, and have promotional opportunities only available to you!

Making a Statement

All Tardigrade holders will be able to apply for a .lunarlibrary.eth or .lunarsociety.eth ENS name to attach to their accounts. This would allow someone named "Sam" to have a human readable address and show off their inclusion into the LunarSociety. Sam.lunarsociety.eth would be able to send this instead of a long address allowing them to easily accept funds from anyone on the network.

Providing a "MoonMap"

There are no roads on the moon, yet. But within the context of the LunarSociety we have a lot in store for their future. So pick up one , or a few, and sit back enjoying whats to come.

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