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For Global Release: Lunargistics Corp. Acquires "Galaxer" Marketplace and Brand

June 15 2022:

Lunargistics Corp. , a Delaware company and its shareholders are proud to announce the completion of the successful M&A of Galaxer into its product line. The Galaxer trademarks for both NFT Marketplace and Metaverse along with all assets and community have been wholly acquired by the firm in order to expedite the expansion of its digital presence.

"NFTs or NonFungible tokens have been a growing force in all things digital as of late and so has the metaverse, so we decided to cut through the grease and find IP that suited our needs immediately rather than starting from scratch." says Logan Ryan Golema CEO of Lunargistics.

The Galaxer Marketplace will be integrated into the existing LunarStation product line while the portions of the metaverse offering will be leveraged to enhance the experience of the one already being created called the "Lunarverse" a 1:1 real time data simulation of the moon and Earth's cislunar space. "There is still a lot of work to do, but this speeds things up drastically," Vishal Chief Scientist had to say, he continues, "simulating missions is a must for those going to operate in space and we would like to offer it to our customers rapidly, the metaverse allows for that in a persistent real time flow." Lunargistics operates globally in a culturally, gender, and socio-economically diverse work place environment. If you're interested in learning more about how you can get involved reach out to with your query.

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