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Brief Overview of LUNARGISTICS - Experts in Space Exploration.

When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon on July 20, 1969, Man’s adventures had reached a new peak, a new high, a new “Space”.

From when the first life forms were discovered on Mars by NASA in 1996, Space exploration had made a sharp turn and gradually metamorphosed into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

At Lunargistics, we believe you deserve a share of this outer-space pie and we would love to help you get a large serving.

The Story

As massive as the Space Economy currently is, it would never have reached its current heights without the use of advanced technology. Blockchain, on the other hand, seems like the new cool kid on the block and Lunargistics believes in leveraging the intricate technology of the blockchain in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) in Space Exploration.

Founded in March 2019, our core values thrive on sustainability and commercialization of the Space Economy using Distributed Ledger technology. With blockchain, organizations and governments will be able to track transactions from a financial standpoint as well as from “an information assurance standpoint,”

The Team

Great vision without great people is irrelevant. This statement encapsulates the essence of a great team. At Lunargistics, we do not offer just the smartest and brightest technical minds; we offer a wealth of experience that will help scale your business; providing the optimal outcome, using block chain technology.

The chairman of the board - Mr. Logan Ryan Golema, incarnates innovation. For years, he has maneuvered blockchain intricacies to deliver bespoke solutions to clients' problems. His eagle-eyed approach towards digital problem solving, coupled with experience amassed as the founder of the Interplanetary Fund Management Group cements him as the ideal person to oversee the commercialization of your space venture.

Dionna Bailey is everything leaders are made off. She is the CEO at Lunargistics. Her experience with the military and her work with a Blockchain/Space company has earned her sui generis status in Space and blockchain related transactions. Her competence is not without evidence — she was part of an executive team responsible for morphing a start-up into a 500-million-dollar firm.

Vishal Singh, a trained Aerospace engineer is prodigiously competent in Outer-Space matters. He has written a number of research papers centering on the logistics of outer-space, including Lunar Ice Location Exploration, Water and Mineral Exploration using available technology on the moon, amongst others. He was an integral part of Team Callisto’s victory at the Lab2Moon competition. He contributes his expertise to the Lunargistics team as an analyst.

John May is a programming wiz. He has a rare, brilliant mind for programming and blockchain technology. He is a serial winner of hackathons who has designed a system predicated on blockchain agnostics to provide bespoke solutions to client’s needs.

In addition, we have a team of advisors - Steve Wood (Space Law), Bianca Cefallo (Artemis), Dr. Veronica Moronese (Artemis). These technocrats facilitate our work, providing technical advice to deliver proper solutions for you, Our Client.

Palpably, our team is a fine blend of genius, experience and ethos. We wager that engaging us would be the first and most important step towards fashioning boundless economic opportunities in the bourgeoning space world.

The Services

Our team of experts are eager to provide bespoke solutions for your space-related dilemma. We leverage on advance technology to create NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse and solutions to blockchain related problems.

We are also in the process of creating THE LUNARSUITE – an all-encompassing suite for launching objects into space. This product effectively helps with fundraisers, maintain records, facilitates the ownership of space assets and equally provides compliance advisory, amongst others.

To learn more about our services visit our website at

What Now?

Evidently, man has decided to explore beyond the earth’s cradle. Like every child leaving his cradle, you need someone more experienced to hold your hand through the emerging economic realities and possibilities of outer-space. We are here for you. We await you. We got you.

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