Space Launch Simplified

  • Stream Lined Launch Compliance               

  • Digitized/ Standardized Forms

  • Ability to Raise Funds via Crowdfunding

  • Fractional Ownership of Space Assets

  • Efficiently Maintain Records              

  • Find a Launch Provider for Your Object

  • Bid on Object if You're a Launch Provider

  • Membership Can Be Sold After Purchase

This all in one suite combines the necessary components of launching an object into space. The platform is currently in Alpha testing with a release date of Q2 2022.

The LunarSuite has the following features:

Mission Plan.png

Register each space object in our system for immutable encrypted record keeping. 

Fill out, complete, and load up important documents to send to the required agencies.

LunarSuite UN Registry.png
LunarSuite Manage Space Objects.png

Enter the details of your space object and get matched with Rideshare opportunities

Shop prices of the launch providers you've been matched with and choose the one that fits your price range.

LunarSuite RideSahre.png
Certify Mission.png

Submit your mission plan and crowdfund your mission through our platform that matches you with potential investors