RansomWare Proof Document Storage and Retrieval
In the last decade ransomware has caused billions of dollars of damage to public and private companies all across the globe. With the LunarLibrary this is no longer an issue. Leverage tardigrade strength for no cost.

Your Moon, Your Data

LunarLibrary will never ever sell your data or allow it to get into the wrong hands. Rest assured with 100% uptime and data integrity assurance. 

Send and Receive a New File Type

Our proprietary New File Type allows you to track, and rescind your document with ease. Send and Receive NFTs like never before within the LunarLibrary module of the LunarSuite!


Earn LRG tokens for Every Document Stored

We Pay You to Store

Earning tokens for storing documents is just one of the ways we are changing the paradigm of how documents are stored in space and here on Earth.