Governance Token for LunarNet participants to
Hodl, Vault, and Vote





Contract Address


Your Moon, Your Say

Decentralization isn't just for here on Earth. In space humanity will be working together from great distances deciding on the very mundane to the incredibly important. Be an effective governor throughout space with the LRG token.

Make a Choice

Make space your way with governance as vast as the void itself.
Decide on the future of not just the LunarNet protocol, but happenings on the Moon, Orbit, and outer regions.


Earn, Hodl, Vote, and Earn Some More

Claim your LRG Fungible Tokens based on which NFT you have in the LunarSuite

Window of Opportunity Distribution
Phased distribution based on the tokenId and the amount the holder haas

1,000,000 LRG:  NFT NEEDED: Genesis Medallion Only 300 NFTs / Chain tokenId 10
800,000 LRG: NFT NEEDED: Empire Only 100 NFTS / Chain tokenId 9
600,0000 LRG: NFT NEEDED: Enterprise tokenId 8
500,000 LRG: NFT NEEDED: LunarOrbit Lab & MAHAM Rover Only 100 NFTS / Chain tokenId 3 / 4
400,000 LRG: NFT NEEDED: Engineer Only 100 NFTS / Chain tokenId 7
200,000 LRG: NFT NEEDED: Explorer Only 100 NFTS / Chain tokenId 6
100,000 LRG: NFTS NEEDED: Cube GPS / Comms/ Satellite / Motherboard/ Fuel Depot Only 100 NFTS / Chain tokenId 0 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 11

Token Economics: 

300,000,000 / Chain for Genesis Medallions
80,000,000 / Chain for Empire Owners
60,000,000 / Chain for Enterprise Owners
50,000,000 / Chain for Lunar Orbit Lab & MAHAM Owners
40,000,000 / Chain for Engineer Owners
20,000,000 / Chain for Explorer Owners
30,000,000 / Chain for Cube / GPS / Comms Satellite Owners
10,000,000 / Chain for Motherboard Owners
10,000,000 / Chain for Fuel Depot Owners

200,000,000 / Chain to the AMM
200,000,000 / Chain to Lunargistics Treasury


1,000,000,000 Total Tokens / Chain


Unclaimed LRG tokens on Aug 28, 2022 will go to AMM on the respective chains.

Subsidized transaction fees while you hold

Compound your earnings into more holdings.

Make a difference where and when it counts.