What is the LunarSuite?


LunarSuite is a set of tools designed to make launching objects in space faster, easier, and for less money. Leveraging computer technology with current market needs, the LunarSuite streamlines the documentation process, provides rideshare opportunities, and the ability to crowdfund or have fractional ownership of space objects. to simplify operations. We have what you need to go to space.


Who uses the LunarSuite?


  • Launch providers

  • Payload providers

  • Space Agencies

  • Space investors

  • Universities


I’m a consumer investor, what can LunarSuite do for me?


LunarSuite provides a unique opportunity to own a piece of a space asset. Much like a rental property owned amongst friends, multiple people pool together to own an asset and those people have the ability to to be paid for the rental of that asset. 


What Space Compliance issues does LunarSuite solve?


The compliance issues related to launch integration and launch testing We assist you in being compliant with the FAA, UNOSA, and FCC regulations.


What is the Metamask wallet?


Metamask is an Ethereum (ETH) based cryptocurrency wallet that allows you access to the LunarSuite subscription options, crowdfunding or ownership of space objects, and securing your data.


How many launch providers options are available for Rideshare?


Lunargistics works with almost all the launch providers in the USA. Rideshare matches are based on payload requirements and readiness. Until we know your position, we can’t be sure about availability of launches for your ride.  


What is the time taken to find the Launch or Payload Provider on LunarSuite?


There are multiple factors which affect the time taken to find launches or payloads. For a primary payload, we can find the launch in a maximum of 15 days at the best price on the market. For other payloads it is based on the company’s needs and may take longer to match with a suitable launcher.  


For launch companies who are seeking a primary payload the time needed to find the payload is 25 days. As stated earlier, rideshare is subjective; it can take anywhere from a week to ninety days.


Is my data safe with Lunargistics?


Lunargistics follows very strict privacy policies and your confidential data will never be shared with anyone without your approval. In addition, your data is held on a distributed ledger which is one of the most trusted systems to keep your data.


Can I have a demo account for understanding the platform?


Our team is working rigorously to provide the demo platform for everyone. As soon as a beta version is available, you will be notified via email. Sign up here: https://www.lunargistics.com 


What is the process to withdraw a payload after registration and confirmation?


For withdrawal of the registered payloads would be taken personally by the team, on the case basis decision would be made. Which may take a week to 21 days.


Cancelling and other fees may apply. Please refer to your Insurance documentation and final MOU contract with the Launch Provider.


With whom the launch contract would be signed?


The launch contract is signed by the launch provider, if you are the registered company. If you are the individual or research group, we can discuss that position with you individually.


Is this platform limited to space companies only?


No, LunarSuite is not limited to just companies. Students and researchers can get access to the platform and we can help them to go to space. as well as those that want to support crowdfunding and fractional ownership opportunities. 


What payment options are available?


Payments are accepted with credit or debit card as well as a variety of cryptocurrencies.